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The Fall

The Great Wave

Down To Myself

The Winter



The Spring

Giant Steps

Rescue Ship

Rebellion Dogs

The Summer

Mental Health Nurse

Be The Arrow

Beneath The Skin

About The Music

The songs on We Are Co-Pilots follows a narrative of a character … our hero the junkie… who moves through the stages of addiction and love and loss to hope and change.  The songs dictate how this feels to me.  From lost and found and every raw mistake & failure that comes with finding your way.

The album creates landscapes and is encapsulated by the desperation of hurt & isolation to the blooming radiance of hope and strength.

An epic collection of rock anthems to fragile mood pieces.

To accomplish this task the narrative follows the concept of the seasons and the duality of them, of the ending of one stage being the beginning of a new one.

The Fall/Autumn

The Autumn is the decline of character and the beginning of our story.  The autumn is when the weather begins to chill the air and all the green seems to become dyed red and the life becomes dried & killed from the leaves & trees.  They ultimately begin to fall from the limbs of which they grew from.

The character follows the same pattern and begins to separate from all they know as addiction begins to kill and isolate them from love and family

The Winter

This is the cold, dark period for our character in which things have worsened inevitably and he finds himself alone at the bottom; buried under the cold loneliness of isolation and sickness.

This is a bad place to be but like the seasons represent, this is the place the character needed to fall to, to begin the change & begin asking for help calling out from the cold stillness of the winter winds.

The Spring

The Spring is the beginning of the rebirth of character having to admit needing help and recognizing the difficulty, un-certainness and task ahead to get better.

The spring reflects small victories as well as failures, but is ultimately the rebound, but change is difficult and met with resistance.  The spring is full of rain, and like the water cycle, it brings life back to the Earth.  Nature begins to blossom back to life, just like our character.

The Summer

The summer is the bright future for the character as the sun can light up the world and somehow instill a hope in us all.  It is the stage of growth where we shed our old skin to let the warmth of the summer on our new skin and breathe life into us.

We find the character hopeful and reflectively pondering the rebuilding of relationships, love, and healing.


This album is meant to live and breathe in peoples’ homes, cars and headphones.  It will only be complete and reach its’ full potential when it has reached the listeners and strikes a chord inside them; hopefully illuminating them, allowing them to crawl inside and create feelings & energy.

Hopefully they will resonate and find a place in the hearts of people like paintings, photographs, movies and poems; architecture and nature too.

In my way, I have offered a truth of a dark period to give the audience the ability to be a part of the beauty that the ghosts which bind us together.

For me, this record is an exorcism of these ghosts in hopes others can identify and be moved like so many other songs and artists have moved me in the past.

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